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Apostle Claude Mitchell and First Lady Lorraine Mitchell

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July 30 at 7:15 PM  · 
Today was one to remember. Apostle Claude Mitchell the founder of the church came through to bless the house of God today with a fresh word. He birthed me in ministry and handed me the keys in December of 2000. After 20 years, I passed the mantle along to Prophet Charles Harris Jr. to continue the work in March 2020. This is 27 years strong right here standing together as one. The 30 year Anniversary is right around the corner!!



Founder Apostle Claude Everett Mitchell was born in Englewood NJ, to the late Claude E Mitchell Sr. and Norma Mitchell. He spent most of his life living between Harlem NY and Englewood NJ. He is married to Lady Lorraine Mitchell, who is Co-Founder and Pastor; together they have two sons Ade and Ajah Mitchell. God’s hand and anointing was evident in Apostle’s Mitchell’s life and felt by many in his presence. Apostle was called into ministry between 1974-1975 and in 1976
Apostle received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at Primitive Baptist Church in Winston-Salem NC. It wasn’t long before he was kingdom building and working in his spiritual gifts. From 1983-1990 Apostle worked in the ministry as an Evangelist, Assistant Pastor, teaching Vacation Bible School, and Outreaching in the community In 1990 Apostle Mitchell was led into five-fold ministry at Ambassadors Cathedral in Winston-Salem NC under Bishop Fred D Patterson who became his spiritual father. After three years under the tutelage of Bishop Patterson Apostle Mitchell returned to NJ in 1993. Upon returning to Englewood, NJ he met his lovely wife Lorraine Mitchell and was married in April 1994. Relocating to Wilmington, DE Apostle Mitchell attended MT. Zion Miracle Station, where he eventually served as an Assistant Pastor under Pastor George Williams.

Inspired to birth a five-fold ministry, preaching the three angels message Apostle and Pastor Mitchell founded Mt. Carmel Seventh Day Deliverance Tabernacle. In its small beginnings, service was held at the Mitchell’s home in Stonebridge Development. In 1998 Apostle was led to Alabama and started Pillar of Fire International Outreach Ministries in Huntsville AL. During his tenure in Alabama he was called into the Apostolic anointing and started doing revivals, services, traveling around the state of Alabama preaching the word of God as he was gifted.
Apostle came back to Delaware to assist Pastor Jon D. Jervey Spirit & Truth Deliverance Ministries formerly known as (Mt. Carmel Seventh Day Deliverance Tabernacle). After three years of helping the ministry, Apostle went back to Alabama in 2007 where he continues teaching, training, and conducting Friday night services in Athens AL, as well as, traveling to various counties of Alabama. Apostle Mitchell successfully ran New Life Men’s Ministries Rehabilitation Center in Concord and Kannapolis NC for one year; serving as overseer and head coordinator.
In 2008 Apostle returned to Huntsville AL to oversee and assist the Pillar of Fire International Outreach Ministries. After two years Apostle Mitchell returned back to Englewood NJ, where he assists Pastor and Prophetess Nordia Shields at Place Praise and Restoration Ministries (PPRM) in Teaneck NJ. Apostle Mitchell continues to serve as overseer at Spirit & Truth Deliverance Ministries. Apostle Mitchell is known for his spiritual gifts of prophesy, teaching and preaching. He has truly been blessed in birthing new ministries, mentor training and teaching the five fold gifting of Ephesians 4:11.
Favorite Scripture Jeremiah 20:9 “But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones,

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