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About Our Spirit and Truth
Deliverance Ministries Family

On July 15th, 1995 Mt. Carmel Seventh Day Deliverance Tabernacle was founded by Elder Claude Everett and Sis. Lorraine Mitchell. In its small beginnings, service was held at the home of the Mitchell’s in Stonebridge Development. In 1997 Mt. Carmel was able to rent its first church building in Wilmington on 4th & Market Streets. Mt. Carmel was located there for a year and in 1998 moved to a storefront on West Matson Run Parkway


In 2003, Pastor Jervey implemented a vision to build a new church home.

The church members began working to raise money. The designs for the new sanctuary were sketched and construction started in December of 2004.

On March 14, 2020, Pastor Jervey was ordained Bishop and Elder Harris was ordained Pastor of Spirit & Truth Deliverance Ministries.  

Spirit & Truth Deliverance Ministries is committed to developing programs to enhance the overall development of God’s people in mind, body, and spirit.

We are thankful that God has consecrated Spirit & Truth

to continue its bible based, non-denominational, Sabbath keeping ministry led by the Bishop of our soul, Jesus Christ. 

In the Godhead:  the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Hebrews 1:1-3, John 15:16​, Colossians 2:9, 1Timothy 3:16  
That the Holy Scriptures are the inspired Word of God.  2​ Timothy 3:16  
That God’s law, the Ten Commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath command is the rule of life for Christians.                                               Exodus 20:3-17; James 2:10-12, Revelation 14:12, Revelation 22:14  
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